Reminiscence Of My First Love


The moon lean down to kiss you

and I stare why I can’t get you.

Then the question arises,

Who are you? and who is me?

Remembering that I felt very easy.

From the beautiful lips to the smoothy chin,

I possess you all because I’m your teen.

I remember the day when we first saw,

to my context it was starting of the elated motherly love.

The night deepens and the lullaby begins,

I repeat you like a cuckoo and the time fastens.

The day certainly came when I am ten fingers taller than you,

so sustained, so happy unlike a déjà vu.

You always fear of me getting away from you,

because you think it’s my time to hold a new hand and retain you.

But remember sweetheart, you are my retained not the detained,

unlike the other love who always gets beaten.

The new love may own my heart but not the beats,

cause the beats have started with you and will end with your memory sheets.

The time passed as the clouds passed by,

winter goes and spring comes by,

withering the leaves go for a wrinkle beer,

the shouting love begans to whisper.

Leaving the vermilion spread in the sky,

the all powerful sun had taken a hide.

Recalling this had made me weep,

from the core of my heart in the pacific deep.

The love sustains but the lover’s not,

like the reminiscence of past, that’s all what I got.


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