Lit Freak

literatureIn this weird world, something ridiculous and something vexed. The aura of reading literature and perceiving imagination has taken a free fall. But that’s what its need to be gathered and prioritized, to have a world of imagination as the pinnacle of living. Many of the works published or are to be published, drives a certain impulse as to what does all these works of writing are empowered with? Or what do they collectively mean? To my grace I see all the works as the body of all written words. I see this grace upon my knowledge and in a clear address that these all to be an artistic embellishment in the world’s most any time current, always loved, which makes ideas personal i.e; Literature”.

Literature makes a person behold the world in a single place. It allows us to view the dream city of Paris, London, Chicago, the infamous Tintern Abbey and all those places to which people have a fascination to visit in the 21st century. Its just a wild card entry to the world of congregated images, physique, mind, sensibility and all the rational to far irrational things that a person can deal with. I myself have dreamt a lot of walking beside the House Of Commons and throwing stones into the Thames. From the “Harry Potter” world which is a mere adaptation of wands, spellfrenzy and occultfreak, to the CGI dominated “Dr. Strange”. The CGI dominated world is also a mere work of literature that has spun its wings, with mind as the key and technology as the catalyst. But all the credit goes to Mr. Edgar Allan Poe and many of the other notable blessed authors and imaginers.

Clearly, literature has grasped the world like a mother, father, sister, brother and even in patriotism. It rendered to be the morphine during the war time, destruction and doomsday. And it just proved to be a cup of champagne in the ecstatic happy mood which is to be toasted upon. As we say philosophy, imagination have no boundaries and it may go beyond God. This is just like the same for which we have been a host to it. Without imagination neither man can sustain nor its rationality. Similarly, without literature neither I nor she can sustain. Because sustainability requires pictures and feelings to be used as a constant source of transforming a life alive. That’s what literature purely deals with.

The modern world is on the verge of expanding its hands upon the intellectuals. So do the frontrunners always use to achieve the goal. But in this hurly-burly life there is hidden a secret box of tranquility, which bakes the qualities and makes life more simple to address in the rally of humanity.


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