A Vexed Nostalgia



Oh! Well Well Well!

my heart goes on that lady’s carousel.

So sheer,so witty of you,

that’s the reason why I can’t forget you.

The flood rises in the East,the delta forms in the west;

The moon holds the sky unlike the sun is very best.

You blow air like a tempest and make me so exasperate,

my heart and mind feels there is nothing after you to make me feel desperate.

Oh!My! I wonder if the world can see my lady love,

but that’s what I thought;its just melancholy and end with a sad note.

Our love is like horizon and my dream is like twilight,

which I pretend that it should be there all night.

I kissed,encroached and cuddled as you are my lady lass,

but every morning at that point of time mama used to break my dream like a glass.

*written it at once like teen 😃


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