Reminiscence Of My First Love


The moon lean down to kiss you

and I stare why I can’t get you.

Then the question arises,

Who are you? and who is me?

Remembering that I felt very easy.

From the beautiful lips to the smoothy chin,

I possess you all because I’m your teen.

I remember the day when we first saw,

to my context it was starting of the elated motherly love.

The night deepens and the lullaby begins,

I repeat you like a cuckoo and the time fastens.

The day certainly came when I am ten fingers taller than you,

so sustained, so happy unlike a déjà vu.

You always fear of me getting away from you,

because you think it’s my time to hold a new hand and retain you.

But remember sweetheart, you are my retained not the detained,

unlike the other love who always gets beaten.

The new love may own my heart but not the beats,

cause the beats have started with you and will end with your memory sheets.

The time passed as the clouds passed by,

winter goes and spring comes by,

withering the leaves go for a wrinkle beer,

the shouting love begans to whisper.

Leaving the vermilion spread in the sky,

the all powerful sun had taken a hide.

Recalling this had made me weep,

from the core of my heart in the pacific deep.

The love sustains but the lover’s not,

like the reminiscence of past, that’s all what I got.


Lit Freak

literatureIn this weird world, something ridiculous and something vexed. The aura of reading literature and perceiving imagination has taken a free fall. But that’s what its need to be gathered and prioritized, to have a world of imagination as the pinnacle of living. Many of the works published or are to be published, drives a certain impulse as to what does all these works of writing are empowered with? Or what do they collectively mean? To my grace I see all the works as the body of all written words. I see this grace upon my knowledge and in a clear address that these all to be an artistic embellishment in the world’s most any time current, always loved, which makes ideas personal i.e; Literature”.

Literature makes a person behold the world in a single place. It allows us to view the dream city of Paris, London, Chicago, the infamous Tintern Abbey and all those places to which people have a fascination to visit in the 21st century. Its just a wild card entry to the world of congregated images, physique, mind, sensibility and all the rational to far irrational things that a person can deal with. I myself have dreamt a lot of walking beside the House Of Commons and throwing stones into the Thames. From the “Harry Potter” world which is a mere adaptation of wands, spellfrenzy and occultfreak, to the CGI dominated “Dr. Strange”. The CGI dominated world is also a mere work of literature that has spun its wings, with mind as the key and technology as the catalyst. But all the credit goes to Mr. Edgar Allan Poe and many of the other notable blessed authors and imaginers.

Clearly, literature has grasped the world like a mother, father, sister, brother and even in patriotism. It rendered to be the morphine during the war time, destruction and doomsday. And it just proved to be a cup of champagne in the ecstatic happy mood which is to be toasted upon. As we say philosophy, imagination have no boundaries and it may go beyond God. This is just like the same for which we have been a host to it. Without imagination neither man can sustain nor its rationality. Similarly, without literature neither I nor she can sustain. Because sustainability requires pictures and feelings to be used as a constant source of transforming a life alive. That’s what literature purely deals with.

The modern world is on the verge of expanding its hands upon the intellectuals. So do the frontrunners always use to achieve the goal. But in this hurly-burly life there is hidden a secret box of tranquility, which bakes the qualities and makes life more simple to address in the rally of humanity.


1The frauds, the fugitives, the money launderers of so-called independent India are making a merry-go-round year by year. Since a decade the zeros behind a numeral are getting increased which makes headlines as they are stolen in a sense, from the country and never repaid. These people do their jobs correctly, gets financial assistance in crores, and once they are in their apex side of money making, they borrow a lot of money and leave the country. Is that a trend going on to flush nation’s money day-by-day? No, absolutely not. And the most ironical part is seeking asylum in another country, if not qualified for that than, seeking ILR (indefinite leave to remain). See how simple is this. There is not a question for extradition and bilateral talks that had been earlier. Even, just mark from whom did they stole? India? Banks? Or from the whole country instead? The money was from the honest taxpayers, honest EMI payers. And the country’s financial cracker has been in the hands of some peoples who get laudable prayers, showbiz, a seat in the parliament and many more. It’s just like the other day when India got independence after a boiling temperature of 200. And there have not been the adequate economy, development and these fugitives started rolling on their dice again to make India poverty-stricken by making it another victim, of money taken out of the country without any hindrance. And the most interesting part that also the great money launderers came out to be the enthusiasts of Britishers, though not directly. It’s just they are seeking everything from the United Kingdom, whose 200 years of wrath has made the country really worsen up.

I can’t see where the country is moving to, they are just acting like kleptomaniacs with a certain amount of reasons. They have got loads of guts to make these things happen. The contacts, the hospitality, the personality they made with this helps them to make a pathway, to their aggressive interests, to decide whether to make a comeback or leave India with those thousand crores of money. In this regard, the government is trying its best to seize properties and recover the debts. But, once you have been given a free hit by the govt. and the top lawmakers, financial divisions. There will be seldom fear to grasp the money and make a leap to another country seeking asylum, mercy etc.

The liquor baron who had his own airlines took a pile of our economy and made us economically stagnant by owing us 9000cr. Followed by the world’s famous cricket executive Lalit Modi, who made bidding a propaganda to earn crores. And as the game continues, there comes this diamantaire Nirav Modi and his uncle Nirav Modi, clearly swept away another big hit of 13,000cr.

It’s quite strange that business like this is sustaining in India. As these peoples conspired against the developing economy and made a loophole in the soil where the country’s economy grows. Then, the doomsday of inflation, deflation, rising repo rate will frequently grasp the economy.


Abandoning The Myriad

A monotonous mind never repels back. Same is the case of human mind when it comes to the area of “focus”. Life is a context of aiming and establishing. The provenance of human mind was never understood, nor do its working. Humans often are lenient to the possessive side of one’s expectation, rather more submissive to the laxity of it. The mind is carefree and always was. But, the basic aspects never run with this carefree tag attached to it. So, the major point is to make the mind work.

                   But, how can it work like that without any cognitive relevance? How focus on anything will be an honest one? How an individual can continue with chronic mental focus to achieve the desired goal or aim? All these questions frequently haunts the mind of every individual, no doubt it has got focus or not. But, mind always preaches the epitome of imaginations and experiences. We cannot deviate the mind from observation, imagination and relocation of vital expectations that one has ever thought of. Different experiences encapsulate different inexperience and make out a relevant set of foundations. A human mind was never prone to experienced thoughts or intellectual understanding since inception, instead they are frequent results of some inexperience. Inexperience is the key to foundational experience. Focus comes from these spectacular blunt characteristics of mind and starts repelling each cognitive approach that the mind undergoes.

                     Focus is not a mere word of a pin-point projection of one’s set mind or integrated thoughts. It also delivers the best experiences turn out to form a steady and linear focal point. The achievements related to this particular focal point is commendable in every aspect. It’s highly reliable as it makes an individual a big star from itself. There is no greater happiness than self-victory, and there is no greater relaxation then self-establishment. All the side aspects of life such as friendship, love, affection for loved ones comes after this. Because, the individual happiness depends on individual success and the side aspects are just good catalysts to it, adding flavour and charm to life.

                     Focus is therefore a phoenix’s feather, installed in mind to cast-away the myriad multiples of a segregated mind. It is therefore need to focus upon valuable subjects, aspects and the objects which will make life meaningful, tireless in order to keep walking and set multiple goals and achieve together. The simpler is the thought, the lump some focus it needs to be established. The thought process thus endeavors relative happiness and success when put in the spear of focus.


Web development trends going to rule 2018.

The world is getting newer day by day. The provenance of technology, had already made a significant breakthrough in the world of internet. With new developments in the stature of web building, the internet is getting busy day by day with easy access to the consumers. The more the web is developed, the more easy the pathways to the traffic gets covered. Well! The web development trends in the recent years is making a merry-go-round trip successful by taking the java script and more web developing tools, along with the most successful minds doing all of work in sudden. Mostly this year, the trend would be more focusing upon the attributes of imagination, creativity and content optimisation.

The imitation of an action, that is more truly implied in the simple works of a website or any online content may draw more traffic and preferable target audience. The best of the works that this hopes in the sect of web designing are almost enhancement in the AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages), PWA(Progressive Web Applications), Single Page Applications(SPA), modular page creation etc. The another one of the most important feature to be enhanced is, the use of push notifications. In this busy, an individual clearly combines its time and money and blends it to gets its work done. This is possible when we can get all the necessary things delivered as a content in the steady form, implying everything from top to bottom in a single page making a unified turn, how an individual gets the content with no time. This is where the focus is the most. And this can only be possible through Accelerated Mobile Pages and Single Page Applications. Managing everything in just a click has made the AMP thing very clear. The AMP is an open-source project designed to enhance the performance of web page and advertisements. It is being sponsored by Google with hands from Pinterest, Baidu, Twitter, Bling etc. It can be said as a competitor to Facebook generating one instant display of your searched items. It concludes with site improvisation,enhancing site speed and generating good revenues.

The more the Progressive Web Applications platform makes the choice wider, the more operated the traffic would be. This platform has silver lining impact in page optimisation and traffic drawer. The PWA brings in the most mobile pages and native applications into the boundaries of an easy access, speedy surfing and lasting experience. The experience with a web page and the service delivered is what makes an user love the platform and access it in a more frequent manner(Flipkart made a 70 percent growth by this). 

The trends looks similar and provocative to the past years. But focusing upon the most desirable things, brings out the reformed mode and easy access to the consumers in a broad manner.

See you in the court!


Justice prevails, so do the judiciary. The whole world, from the primitive to the contemporary time hailed for justice and made a significant victory each time to get this. If we go through the perfect meaning of the word “Justice”. The Oxford dictionary defines it as a quality of being just and fair. Justice incorporates a fair world, which retains on the fairness of the individual and the society. It would be a jeopardise if we consider the fair window of a single person and lay unfairness to the society or any institution. That’s when the need of compromise came out to be active. But do this compromising element demean the interest of a single party or entity.

Justice prevail when truth purges. Do this sect of justice taking truth as it’s armour always potentialized? No, even if the summoned, convicted or accused who present in the court trying to get out of the crime and the victim, who is on the verge of making them kneel on the “socially just and fair room” i.e. the court. The charges levied are afterwards withdrawn, and the convicted used to give a devilish raunchy look with smile to the victim in order of winning a false war out of treachery. The victim afterwards feels alienated from this society, as the pinnacle of law-binders has made him a law-abiding citizen for future. And the person ends up with mental depression, suicide or that pathetic dilemma which abrupts the upcoming life of the individual. But still, justice in the court possess a certain truth that makes people say, also in today’s life to challenge the opposition, “see you in the court”. This proves their plunging mind to avail justice through the way of truth. Justice will retain its meaning and power when it is not aligned with the terms like commercialisation, discrimination etc. Equal punishment with equal height of crime must be enabled. This also brings the term ‘proletariat’ to change its meaning. Because justice never calculates the level of the people, it propagates only with the level of truthness that is underlying in a case. Moreover, justice imparts the possibility of an individual living in the society, to accentuate and gain power over his personal freedom, rights etc.

Justice must be like a diminuendo in practice for both the bourgeois and the lower class. Then, it will be equally possible, that the day is not so far when a bourgeois or lower community will not feel hesitant enough to say, “see you in the court”. When this practice will sustain, the third foundation of democracy will also find and celebrate its discovery of the original just and fair decision making definition, to be a true one.

A Vexed Nostalgia



Oh! Well Well Well!

my heart goes on that lady’s carousel.

So sheer,so witty of you,

that’s the reason why I can’t forget you.

The flood rises in the East,the delta forms in the west;

The moon holds the sky unlike the sun is very best.

You blow air like a tempest and make me so exasperate,

my heart and mind feels there is nothing after you to make me feel desperate.

Oh!My! I wonder if the world can see my lady love,

but that’s what I thought;its just melancholy and end with a sad note.

Our love is like horizon and my dream is like twilight,

which I pretend that it should be there all night.

I kissed,encroached and cuddled as you are my lady lass,

but every morning at that point of time mama used to break my dream like a glass.

*written it at once like teen 😃